These Chilling Photos Show The Darker Side Of Nature


Nature is one of the most beautiful sights to take in. All around the world, there are breathtaking views to take in and thrilling adventures to be experienced through nature. Over the years, people have managed to capture some of the most mysterious and thrilling aspects of nature. The outside world can sometimes not be explained, but the essence of it can surely be captured. There are sides to nature that we don’t often get to see. This can be due to how dangerous and outrageous nature can be. Here are some images that show you a side to nature that you have probably never seen.

Lighthouse Catching Waves

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The ocean is one of nature’s best creations. Whether you are out on a boat or just enjoying the ocean view, the waves are something special. Although it is beautiful, the ocean can also be unpredictable and scary. A Lighthouse in France experienced the dark side of the ocean in 1989. This Lighthouse was hit by a massive storm. The waves of the ocean reached a height of nearly 100 feet. The destructive waves broke through the windows and front door and took all the furniture with them.

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