The 15 Most Peaceful Dog Breeds


Let’s face it – we’re all busy, sometimes frantic, Jack and Jane’s of all trades and looking everywhere for a sense of calmness and serenity. While exercise, sleep and a hot mug of tea may be short-term solutions for finding peace, these 15 dog breeds are an even better option. Here is why:

1. Peace, Love and Perfect Pugs.

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Simply stated, Pugs are instant soulmates to their human mom and dads as they are exceptionally loving, friendly and fun pups. They love extra attention and are always looking to be the life of the party – even if it’s a party of just them and you – and prefer friends over foes. In fact, a pretty well-kept secret to the general population is that pugs actually do not have a violent bone in their body, literally! A pug’s genetic code does not have one single spec of cruelty. In the rare chance you hear your puggy puppy bark, it’s generally a playful sentiment replaced with heavy breathing and likely a silly sounding snore from a now-needed nap.

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