Hilarious Google Street View Images Ever Captured


Over the past couple of years, Google has been on a mission to have images from streets worldwide uploaded onto Google maps. For the most part, Google sends out the Google Street View car, but they also accept verified images from volunteer contributors. When the car is out and about, sometimes it captures somewhat weird photos. Consequently, armchair tourists have ‘traveled’ the world searching for these hilarious yet rare images. Whether weird or scary, here are ten hilarious Google Street View images ever captured.

What Happened To This Donkey

Image Source: Pinterest.com

This image posted by a Reddit user caused social media outrage, with animal rights activists condemning Google’s carelessness when capturing street view images. In the first picture, the donkey seems to be enjoying a stroll on the side of the road. But, in the next picture, it seems as though it had been knocked down by the filming car. Google was quick to squash the allegations by explaining that the donkey was in the middle of a dirt bath when it noticed the Google car and sprang to its feet. 

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