These Celebrities Left America After Becoming Famous


Considered the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood is also renowned for housing most A-list celebrities. Although L.A. offers a rich ambiance of cultural heritage and sophistication, paparazzi and gossip mills are always on the prowl like hungry vultures scavenging for mischief and exclusive photos. These actions, in turn, make it almost impossible to lead a private life in L.A. With that in mind, some stars prefer moving to other major U.S cities, with a few opting to leave the country altogether.

Chris Hemsworth – Australia

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Chris Hemsworth is among the list of Australian exports making their home country proud in Hollywood. In 2014, Chriss and his wife, fellow actress Elsa Pataki, got tired of Hollywood’s hustle and bustle and moved to a farm set up just off Australia’s coast. The couple was worried that their kids would grow up in an environment where paparazzi would make their childhoods a living nightmare. Six years and three kids later, the couple is happy with their austere life down under. 

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