Hilarious Photoshop Requests That’ll Make You Laugh


There is no silver bullet to taking Insta-worthy photos; that’s why Instagram models take hundreds of pictures before picking one that looks better than the rest. What happens when you only have one shot, but there’s something in the picture you don’t like? You edit that part out, right. Fortunately, there is a photoshop wizard who’ll do that for you and for free. However, this photoshop guru has a weird sense of humor, and you’re more likely to be trolled depending on how you pose your question.

You Look Great

Image Source: Pinterest.com

There is nothing more complicated than best friends crushing on the same guy. The entanglement alone can break even the strongest of bonds. This girl and her friend were in the situation mentioned above, and the girl in pink shoes wanted all the help she could get. Instead of asking James to make her look ‘great,’ she mistyped the word and ended up with ‘grate.’ The photoshop wizard sure does enjoy typing errors and ‘grated’ the girl in pink shoes through a giant vegetable grater.   

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