Wacky Job Fails From The World’s Worst Employees


Bad days are part of life. They happen to the best of us, and sometimes more times than we’d want. When things go south, we either let it slide, hoping that the mishaps will go unnoticed, or take the initiative and fix them. Still, if these work fails are anything to go by, some workers are either too indifferent and don’t give a hoot about their jobs. Nevertheless, whether these workers were having a bad day or not, these work fails are just plain old hilarious. 

I Know Someone Who Can Fix This

Image Source: Pinterest.com

The statement ‘I know someone who can fix this’ is often a recipe for disaster. The said person most likely knows a thing or two about tools, but the outcome is never satisfactory. First of all, the guy who initially worked on this column is downright uncompetitive. In contrast, we feel like there is no difference between the person who used plastic wrap to cover the hole and the initial worker. We just hope a trained professional works on the pillar before somebody gets hurt.

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