7 Snacks To Lose Weight


We all get hungry in between meals. During the holidays especially, we tend to pick up junk food to satiate those cravings. For those of us that pack on pounds easily, this isn’t great news for our self esteem or bodies. But you don’t have to give up snacks altogether to lose weight. If you’re trying to lose weight and feel better about yourself, you can indulge from time to time with these tasty treats. Here are 7 snacks to help you shed some pounds and feel more confident.

7. Popcorn

Image Source: thecookful.com

This popular movie-going snack is often smothered in butter and salt to be considered healthy. But there are alternatives that make popcorn a sought-after snack to lose weight. Popcorn itself is low calorie. It’s only when we add a bunch of salt, butter, or even caramel that it becomes unhealthy. Thankfully, there are several brands that sell single-serve, unsalted popcorn for people that don’t want to give up the pop but still lose weight.

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